5 things how you can save money on booking your travel

We can all agree that any trip is pretty expensive, requires lot of planning and saving; and if something bad happens – it’s a disaster. If we’ve worked hard in order to afford a vacation, we should appreciate that hard-earned money. Therefore, here are couple of advices for you, in order to realize how to […]

5 reasons why you should use service like Booking.com, TripAdvisor or Bookon.is and not the hotel website itself.

The booking.com service is the current world leader in booking accommodations online. Fact that proves how good they are working, is that there are over 1,1 million room nights reserved each day! Even then, people are still suspicious on whether they should use this service, or just make a reservation directly. If you’re not sure […]

5 Tropical Vacations you can actually afford


Who doesn’t dream of those perfect Tropical Vacations, little getaway to the beach and soak in the sun, coffee mornings, a game of volleyball by the ocean and just feeling alive and free? With a sudden surge of travelers and bloggers flooding social media accounts with their travel pictures and stories, it is getting increasingly difficult […]

How To: Pack Baggage Like a Pro

How To: Pack Like a Pro

You’ve heard it all before. “Travel light,” they say. “Cram everything you have into a carry on,” they cry. “Reduce baggage fees and don’t be a sucker,” we all shout to one another. You know what? We are all right. Paying baggage fees at the airport stinks. (Why can’t they just add those fees to […]

The 10 most popular travel destinations right now

KAYAK just released its 2017 travel hacker guide. According to the travel search engine, which based its findings on data from its over 1.5 billion searches, 10 destinations the world over have seen a dramatic increase in searches, making them some of the most popular places to go this year. From Canada to Colombia, keep […]

Icelandic Man Bakes Delicious Looking ‘Volcano Bread’ Using The Earth As His Oven

While you’re still dragging your feet to open the bread maker your aunt got you for the holidays last year, some people are taking to way more natural and interesting techniques to bake bread of their own. Viktor Sveinsson uses the natural hot springs in Laugarvatn, Iceland to bake an Iceland rye bread, or “Volcano bread,” […]

Planning a week in Iceland ?

We have just a couple of weeks before we leave for our trip to Iceland. This is a trip that I have been dreaming about and planning for the last few months. I haven’t even finished up some of my travelogues from last summer but I’m excited to write this planning post for Iceland. Like […]

Iceland Company Trolls England’s Soccer Team With Free Whale Watching Tour

After suffering their second “Brexit” in one week, England’s likely in need of a little R&R — and what better remedy than whale watching? An Icelandic whale watching company is offering free tickets to England’s soccer team after their team knocked them out of the Euro 2016 finals. “It must be hard to lose against […]

Where To Eat And Sleep In Iceland

Iceland has become one of the hottest destinations for adventure seekers and foodies alike due to its majestic lunar landscapes, pristine glaciers, heavenly food, and warm, welcoming people.  In the summer months, tourists descend upon the island nation. But if you’re not feeling the crowds, fall and winter are great seasons to go. All the […]

This Remote Corner Of Iceland Is Total, Magical Bliss

Sometimes, travelers are slammed with an intense craving to run away from it all and truly disconnect.  Um, have you heard of Iceland? We’ve been seeing a lot of hype around the Nordic nation lately, with cheap flights galore and stories of epic parties in the capital city of Reykjavik. But let’s not forget that Iceland […]

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