5 things how you can save money on booking your travel

We can all agree that any trip is pretty expensive, requires lot of planning and saving; and if something bad happens – it’s a disaster. If we’ve worked hard in order to afford a vacation, we should appreciate that hard-earned money. Therefore, here are couple of advices for you, in order to realize how to save some money on booking your travel.

Use different airlines

Even though it might sound like a bad idea, as soon as you think it through – you’ll realize there’s nothing bad with it – and you can actually benefit from it! Let’s say you’ve got one-way tickets for a travel with certain airline, who says you have you to use the same airline when coming back? There are great chances that another airline is offering cheaper flights – so just ask around and spare some money that way!

Try to be flexible

Think about booking for a longer period of time, in order to get certain discounts – not only that everyone is offering lower prices if you’re staying longer, but also one or two night reservations often have too high cost rate. Make sure to ask around and find as many information like these as you can. Besides that, perhaps Tuesday-Saturday flights are cheaper than Wednesday-Sunday; check this out and try to adapt your plans according to things like these – every buck is important!

Take indirect flights

Unless you’re in a hurry (which certainly isn’t an situation for sparing money), think about taking indirect flights. Nobody can tell you that it’s pleasant changing flights, airports and so on, but you should think of it this way – opportunity to save some money, do some sightseeing if you have longer brake, and perhaps meet new people while you’re there! When life gives you lemon, make sure to make the best lemonade ever; it might seem childish or something, but why wouldn’t you take opportunities whenever you can?

Be risky, yet reasonable

There are many opportunities lying around somewhere – you just have to find them! Sometimes, flight agencies are offering last-minute seats at extremely low cost – the reason behind this is that they have few seats left open, and in order to fill those up, they are lowering the prices. This is risky for sure, so don’t ever think of it as your first plan. If something comes up and ruins your previous flight plan, and in the meantime you find out that you’re actually going to be able to take flight – check out whether any agency is offering something like this.

Travel during off-season

Wish to make reservation for tomorrows Christmas or Thanksgiving flight, you say? Be realistic – if you’re planning trips during holidays or burning season, prepare yourself for the toughest. Either make bookings weeks or even months earlier, at who-knows-what price, or think about traveling during off-season. There are many places you should visit during the off-season, that can still amaze you no matter what.

Here are some of the best hotels in Mallorca


5 reasons why you should use service like Booking.com, TripAdvisor or Bookon.is and not the hotel website itself.

The booking.com service is the current world leader in booking accommodations online. Fact that proves how good they are working, is that there are over 1,1 million room nights reserved each day! Even then, people are still suspicious on whether they should use this service, or just make a reservation directly. If you’re not sure either, check out 5 reasons why we think you should use this service.

1. Honest reviews

One of the best things booking.com can provide you are honest reviews that people keep leaving in order for others to get better image of how good hotel’s service is. People are also leaving honest reviews because they wish for others to do it as well. No matter what, you should still learn how to read between the lines – maybe someone rated the food as extremely bad because they don’t like the sea food at all? Always keep in mind that booking.com is there for you, but still not hired by the hotels – so don’t fully trust everything you see.

2. Recommendations

You can’t go and search for information about some hotel, unless you don’t already know something about it. On the other hand, you don’t need to know anything in order to check out some recommendations using this service. Booking.com isn’t just providing you information for certain hotels, but also recommending hotels based on various criterion. Perhaps you’re just feeling tired and willing to go on a vacation, you can simply check out recommendations their service is giving you, and just go and have fun.

3. Well organized

Another good thing booking.com has to offer is good organization. There are many benefits coming from this – all your bookings are at one place, meaning you have good overview of everything. Besides that, it is very easy to cancel or change bookings, and also to track everything going on. Just like your chores, you should keep everything else well organized. Not many services can offer things like that, so you should take this opportunity to manage your travels and accommodation.

4. Direct information from hotels

It is very good idea to give customers as much as you can. They aren’t just making up things related to hotels – they are getting the information from hotels directly. Therefore, you can always expect updated information on hotels, their available bookings and the service you’re going to get. On the other hand, you should still be careful when checking out information and making arrangements. It is never a bad idea to double check every information, no matter where you get it.

5. Business opportunity

Besides pleasure, you can combine work with it as well. One of the possible things you can always achieve is marketing via some kind of ads, but the main thing would be free stuff! There are people who’ve made agreements with booking.com on getting some free travels on their behalf, in return for signing some contracts and so on. Booking.com is just full with opportunities, it would be shame not to use them!

5 Tropical Vacations you can actually afford

Who doesn’t dream of those perfect Tropical Vacations, little getaway to the beach and soak in the sun, coffee mornings, a game of volleyball by the ocean and just feeling alive and free? With a sudden surge of travelers and bloggers flooding social media accounts with their travel pictures and stories, it is getting increasingly difficult to put those dreams on hold or not be impulsive.

For those who dream of an international vacation but want to go easy on their pockets, here is a list of 5 places that are ideal for a beach vacation yet won’t pinch your pockets.

1. Jamaica
Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation that boasts of a beautiful lush mountain topography, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches. Jamaica is also famous as the place of origin of reggae music and is home to the Bob Marley Museum. Jamaica has all-inclusive resorts clustered in Montego Bay and the British colonial architecture can leave you in awe. Negril, an area in Jamaica, is popular for its diving and snorkeling sites. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the Caribbean island is famous for outdoor activities such as hiking, cliff diving, and even zips lining. The current exchange rate is 1 USD being equal to 92.63 Jamaican dollars.

2. Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is another popular Caribbean nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the west. It is famous for its rainforests, savannah and highlands and Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate with its all-inclusive new resorts and beaches and golfing.

3. Puerto Rico
For those living in the US and wanting a quick getaway, without the hassle of a long flight, Puerto Rico is just the place. It is a Caribbean Island and an unincorporated territory in the U.S. It is famous for its landscape of mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforests. San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico is famous for its colorful Spanish colonial building and has a range of budget inns to all-inclusive resorts.

4. Maui, Hawaii
Known for some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, Maui is a place right out of your fantasy. It offers an amazing opportunity to hike Haleakala Crater, the dormant volcano which is also the highest point of Maui. It offers a great range of activities, right from snorkeling to windsurfing. The place offers a range of budget hotels near gorgeous state parks and restaurants run by the locals.

5. Saint John, Virgin Islands
Saint John is an island that is for everyone. Right from its famous world-class resorts where famous celebrities and business tycoons land in their private jets to the budget-friendly, moderate options, there is a place for everyone. Maho Bay, a calm stretch on the North shore of the island, is famous for its long, serene beaches, where there are opportunities in galore for outdoor, adventurous enthusiast. It is a place for a true earth lover.

If a beach vacation is what you are craving for, well, book a ticket, pack up, leave. And come back a happier and shinier person.

The 10 most popular travel destinations right now

KAYAK just released its 2017 travel hacker guide.

According to the travel search engine, which based its findings on data from its over 1.5 billion searches, 10 destinations the world over have seen a dramatic increase in searches, making them some of the most popular places to go this year.

From Canada to Colombia, keep scrolling to see where you should book your next trip — and when to get the cheapest flight there.

10. Sydney, Australia

(Getty Images)

Increase in searches: 26%

Cheapest month to fly: August

Best time to book: Two months in advance

9. Calgary, Canada

Increase in searches: 26%

Cheapest month to fly: October

Best time to book: Three months in advance

8. Medellin, Colombia

Increase in searches: 28%

Cheapest month to fly: February

Best time to book: Five months in advance

7. Lisbon, Portugal

(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Increase in searches: 30%

Cheapest month to fly: October

Best time to book: Five months in advance

6. Cartagena, Colombia

Increase in searches: 31%

Cheapest month to fly: January

Best time to book: Two months in advance

5. Tokyo, Japan


Increase in searches: 34%

Cheapest month to fly: November

Best time to book: Five months in advance

4. Bali, Indonesia

Increase in searches: 37%

Cheapest month to fly: November

Best time to book: Six months in advance

3. Auckland, New Zealand

Increase in searches: 44%

Cheapest month to fly: June

Best time to book: Two months in advance

2. Reykjavik, Iceland


Increase in searches: 77%

Cheapest month to fly: October

Best time to book: Six months in advance

1. Havana, Cuba

Increase in searches: 191%

Cheapest month to fly: November

Best time to book: Two months in advance

Icelandic Man Bakes Delicious Looking ‘Volcano Bread’ Using The Earth As His Oven

While you’re still dragging your feet to open the bread maker your aunt got you for the holidays last year, some people are taking to way more natural and interesting techniques to bake bread of their own.

Viktor Sveinsson uses the natural hot springs in Laugarvatn, Iceland to bake an Iceland rye bread, or “Volcano bread,” as the video above is titled. Using rye flour, wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, milk and a pinch of salt, Sveinsson whips up a dough he then buries in the bubbling earth. Though the temperature in the ground can vary, he says in the video above the bread is heated to about 100 degrees Celsius, or around 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Welcome to my bakery,” he says, before digging up a giant pot that has been buried for 24 hours. The result? One seriously delicious looking loaf of bread that looks very much like cake, and, thanks in part to the very generous portion of butter with which it is served, puts our breakfast to shame.

Alison Grasso, a New York City-based content creator, captured Sveinsson’s moves on camera for the short film above. Check out more videos from Grasso on her YouTube page, and excuse us while we look up flights to Iceland.

Planning a week in Iceland ?

We have just a couple of weeks before we leave for our trip to Iceland. This is a trip that I have been dreaming about and planning for the last few months. I haven’t even finished up some of my travelogues from last summer but I’m excited to write this planning post for Iceland. Like most other trips we have a tightly packed itinerary of chasing waterfalls, snowmobile rides and road trips planned. The family leaves me to the planning and boy are they in for a treat this trip – Iceland is like being inside a book of adventures! Where else can you see geysers and hot spring areas, majestic glaciers, dormant volcanoes, a zillion powerful waterfalls in one trip.. not to mention all the awesome food.

Here’s how we’ll be spending our week in Iceland, whilst getting in touch with our adventurous side!


• Pick up our rental car from Hertz and hit the road running at 6am after some coffee!
• We will be spending three nights at the Holt Hotel, a charming and intimate 4 star hotel in central Reykjavik. They have the country’s largest private art collection and I’m looking forward to seeing some of it
• Visit the Hallgrimskirkja church with stunning views of the city from the top
• Shop on Laugavegur Street
• Exploring the Reykjavik City – See some of the museums, galleries, the Harpa concert hall, the Sun Voyager sculpture and some vibrant street art
• Hotdogs and chocolate milk at Bæjarins Beztu
• Reykjavik has an awesome coffee culture, so looking forward to some good cuppa



• We will be taking the domestic airline to the North to Akureyri for a day trip, we will see the incredible Dettifoss and Godafoss waterfalls. The tour itself is organized by SBA
• Visit Akureyri and the see the whale watching hub of Husavik
• We might not have time to relax and enjoy the Myvatn Nature Baths but atleast we get to see them



• We will be doing a day trip to the West Iceland to Snæfellsnes peninsula from Reykjavik
• Lunch at Borgarnes
• Drive to Grundarfjordur and admire the mountain, Kirkjufell
• We hope that we will have time to get to Stykkisholmur, made famous by Walter Mitty (from the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which sparked our wanderlust for Iceland)


• Drive the famous Golden Circle route, visiting Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, and Gullfoss
• Stay overnight at here, Too bad there won’t be any Northern lights this time of the year. This would have been the perfect hotel to see it from.
• Ride the adorably shaggy Icelandic horse at the one of the smaller farms at Solhestar
• Stop for Icecream at the Efsti farm



• Visit Seljalandsfoss waterfall and Skogafoss waterfall
• Ride the Snowmobile on the Mýrdalsjökull, an icecap covering one of Iceland’s largest volcano, Katla. We will be able to explore and experience the wilderness and the breathtaking views over South Iceland on this ride promises Arcanum
• Check out the cliffs of Dyrholaey, black sand beaches of Reynisfjara near Vik
• Stay 2 nights at Icelandair Hotel Vik

On Day 2 of the Southern adventure
• Visit the Svartifoss waterfall at Vatnajökull National Park
• Glacier hike near Skaftafell Vatnajokull National Park with Icelandic Mountain Guides This walk will takes us on to the Svínafellsjökull glacier tongue
• Get upclose and personal with the icebergs in Jokulsarlon in the glacier lagoon


• Explore the region around Reykjanes
• Visit the sulfates area at Krisuvik, Lake Kleifarvatn, Continental bridge
• Visit the Blue Lagoon and have dinner at Lava
• Stay in Keflavik overnight
• The next morning, we head to Denmark for a few days before going home.

These travel plans aren’t set in stone. We are always flexible and might change things up along the way. So if you have any tips or suggestions for us, do let us know. We won’t get to the Eastfjords and Westfjords this trip but it will be an excuse to return to Iceland.


As such, our packing list will be a bit different than for a visit across Continental Europe. Contrary to preconceptions you might have, you will not need a heavy winter coat and snowshoes when visiting Iceland in the summer. We will need some rainproof gear and some warm layers since the weather changes considerably based on the activity. Here is what would be in our bag
• Waterproof or quick-drying pants, ski pants
• Hiking shoes
• Thermal underwear, light jackets and some light sweaters
• Gloves, scarfs and hats
• GPS device for the road trip
• Camera gear and backpack to carry it all
• Swimsuit, we won’t be swimming at the beach, but in Iceland’s geothermal pools
• Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential in the summer with the constant low-hanging sun and reflective terrain
• Iceland is on 220-volt system, so we will bring a converter to plug in any devices, such as a cellphone charger, hair styling tools ( We have a teenage girl travelling with us )
• Some non-perishable snacks since their prices are heavily taxed and inflated in Iceland
• A sleeping mask to help sleep, since the sun only sets for a few hours in Summer



Icelandic looks very formidable with its strange characters “þ” and “ð” and many accented vowels and multisyllabic words, not sure if we would need these but always good to have it handy.

• Hello. Halló. (Ha-low)
• Hello (informal, to a man). Sæll. (Sight-l.)Hello (informal, to a woman). Sæl. (Sigh-l.)Hi. Hæ. (High.)
• How are you? Hvað segirðu gott? (Kvadth sey-ir-thu goht?)
• Fine, thank you. Ég segi allt gott, þakka þér fyrir. (Yeh sey-i atlt goht, thah-ka thyer fi-rir.)
• What is your name? Hvað heitirðu? (Kvath hey-tir-thu?)
• My name is ______ . Ég heiti ______ . (Yeh hey-ti _____ .)
• Nice to meet you. Komdu sæll, (to a man). (Komdu sight-l.)Komdu sæl, (to a woman). (Komdu sighl.)• • • Please. Gjörðu svo vel, (to one person). (Gyur-thuh svo vel.)or Gerið þið svo vel, (to many people). (Gyer-ith thith svo vel.)
• Thank you. Þakka þér fyrir. (Thah-ka thyer fi-rir.)
• Thanks (informal) Takk. (Tahk.)
• I can’t speak Icelandic [well]. Ég tala ekki íslensku [svo vel]. (Yeh ta-la eh-ki ees-len-skuh [svo vel].)
• Do you speak English? Talarðu ensku? (Ta-lar-thu en-sku?)
• Help! Hjálp! (Hya-oolp!)
• Goodbye, (informal). Bless. (Bless; often said twice, “Bless bless”.)

Auður from IHeartReykjavik.net and Mary from TheWorldisABook were so instrumental in helping plan this trip, answering emails and questions, both their sites are a wealth of information – so a shout out to them! If you are planning a trip to Iceland get in touch with I heart Reykjavik – they can help you plan an awesome road trip in Iceland …Auður has maps outlined on her blog posts and even teaches some Icelandic phrases through audio snippets!

Iceland Company Trolls England’s Soccer Team With Free Whale Watching Tour

After suffering their second “Brexit” in one week, England’s likely in need of a little R&R — and what better remedy than whale watching?

An Icelandic whale watching company is offering free tickets to England’s soccer team after their team knocked them out of the Euro 2016 finals.

“It must be hard to lose against the smallest nation that has ever taken part in a championship,” North Sailing quipped on their Facebook page Monday, “but to look on the bright side, they just won 23 tickets to go whale watching in beautiful Húsavík.”

Iceland’s 2-1 victory over England was indeed a major surprise blow to the already beleaguered country, for a number of reasons.

England not only boasted the most expensive soccer team in the European Championship but when comparing team coaches, England’s coach Roy Hodgson — who has since announced that he is stepping downreportedly earned $4.6 million a year while Iceland’s co-coach Heimir Hallgrimson is a practicing dentist. This was also Iceland’s first-ever major tournament.

Reuters Staff / Reuters

Several of England’s soccer players, including goalkeeper Joe Hart (top left), are seen looking dejected after losing to Iceland Monday.

England’s embarrassing loss also came just days after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, causing widespread political and economic chaos.

North Sailing, as hospitable as they are, further recognized the country’s anti-European leanings while making their offer.

“Given recent Brexit we also assumed they would prefer a non-EU destination. While England now is leaving Europe, we are all going to France on Sunday,” they stated.

North Sailing said their offer also stands for any English fans on Tuesday. 

Where To Eat And Sleep In Iceland

Iceland has become one of the hottest destinations for adventure seekers and foodies alike due to its majestic lunar landscapes, pristine glaciers, heavenly food, and warm, welcoming people. 

In the summer months, tourists descend upon the island nation. But if you’re not feeling the crowds, fall and winter are great seasons to go. All the beauty, but none of the hassle.

It’s clear you’re on a different planet from the second you step food in Iceland. The country feels somewhere halfway between the edge of the world and a movie set. It’s hard to go for more than ten minutes without fighting the urge to stop and photograph everything around you, yet somehow the photos always seem to disappoint. You just have to see it in person. 

So where should you head? Reykjavik, the capital city, is home to many artists and young professionals from all over Europe. The Kex Hostel is a favorite. With its rustic, Wes Anderson vibes, great food, large local beer selection and endless book and game offerings, Kex is a fully contained hipster paradise, playing host to many local musicians and of course a truly unforgettable burger. 

If you have time for some outdoor exploration, the Snæfellsnes peninsula is a must. Driving along the coast you suddenly feel as though you have been transported into a serene alternate reality dream world, where you hear nothing but the rustle of the wind. The only inhabitants are birds and sheep. Surprisingly, far from being creepy, this remoteness feels comfortable in Iceland.

When visiting the area, Hotel Budir offers spectacular views — including some of the northern lights (if the weather is clear). Located in a moss-covered lava field between spectacular mountains and the ocean, this converted farm house will let you reconnect with nature or stay cozy inside. Enjoying sweeping views of the landscape while sipping hot mulled wine in the hotel’s plush reading room. Head to the rooftop patio to watch the stars.

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Another must-visit spot is the Blue Lagoon, which National Geographic named a world wonder. Interestingly, the lagoon was formed following the construction of the Svartsengi power plant in 1976.

The geothermal sea water and silica mud will make your skin and body feel rejuvenated. Visitors can purchase different packages ranging from a standard entry ticket to a luxury package, which allows tourists to enter the sumptuous spa and a private relaxation pool. The best way to end the visit is to stop by Lava, the incredible restaurant located on site, which is led by one of Iceland’s most famous chefs, Thrainn Freyr Vigfússon. The culinary journey is as thrilling and eclectic as the country itself.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Chicago March 17-20, then you can experience a taste of the country at a cultural event that features Icelandic cuisine, film and music. Head on over to Iceland Naturally for details.

Got a weekend to spare? Iceland is calling!

Comstock Images via Getty Images

This Remote Corner Of Iceland Is Total, Magical Bliss

Sometimes, travelers are slammed with an intense craving to run away from it all and truly disconnect

Um, have you heard of Iceland?

We’ve been seeing a lot of hype around the Nordic nation lately, with cheap flights galore and stories of epic parties in the capital city of Reykjavik. But let’s not forget that Iceland is most known for its natural wonders, the best of which may just be Mývatn, a volcanic lake region in the northeast part of the country.

Here, bubbling lava fields meet a charming village, sprawling waterfalls and an active volcano big enough to disrupt even the most blasé backpacker. Check it out…

Pall Jokull – www.flickr.com/photos/palljokull via Getty Images

Federica Gentile via Getty Images

Afriandi via Getty Images

Mariusz Kluzniak via Getty Images

Nicolas Kipourax Paquet via Getty Images

Darwin Wiggett via Getty Images

You’ll find something epic to do in the Mývatn region at any time of year. This is an area of active volcanism, so the gurgling mud pots, steamy geothermal ponds and misshapen lava formations make it look like another planet. 

Soak in the Mývatn Nature Baths — like a hot spring, but better — or hike the rim of a black-rock crater. Visitors can also bike, explore ice caves or behold Godafoss, the massive waterfall that gives Niagara Falls a run for its money. 

THIS, my friends, is an adventurer’s bliss:

Christian Aslund via Getty Images

Christian Aslund via Getty Images

Ian Gethings via Getty Images

Etienne De Malglaive via Getty Images

Peerakit JIrachetthakun via Getty Images

Arctic-Images via Getty Images

Most people start their journey to Mývatn at Akureyri Airport, about a 45-minute flight from the capital city of Reykjavík. Use the quaint village of Reykjahlíð as a jumping-off point for more adventures to Mývatn’s natural sights. 

For the less intrepid, the region also has an impressive Bird Museum, dedicated to the huge number of rare flying creatures in the area. 

Must Do Adventures in Iceland

Iceland has so many breathtaking sights, sounds, and adventures packed into it that one could create a list of the top 1000 things to do on the island country and just scratch the surface. But during the four weeks of production for our first Humanity for iPad issue in Iceland, we made sure find the some of the best adventures possible. Here, we’ve boiled them down to our eight favorites. Let the adventure begin:

The ultimate road-trip adventure, The Ring Road circumnavigates nearly all of Iceland. Along the way, the road twists, undulates, and turns through enough varying landscape to make any landscape photographer drool. You can blast through it in 6 days, but 10 days should really be your benchmark for truly experiencing everything the fabled Ring Road has to offer.

For those signing up for a fly-fishing excursion in Iceland, you may be hoping for sunny days and warm weather, but there are few experiences cooler than fly-fishing in a serious snowstorm. Stanji Ben, fly-fishing master, often has to break ice off his rod while fishing at any time outside of the busy summer months. No matter, throw on some waders and pull some slimy creatures out of near-freezing glacial rivers – because it’s awesome.

Make sure to go with friend of Humanity’s Stanji at Iceland Angling Travel.

Scuba diving is often accompanied with thoughts of sandy beaches, vibrant reefs, and warm waters. None of those things exist in Iceland, we guarantee it. However, throw on a dry-suit to protect you from the cold and you’ll find one of the most unique diving experiences in the entire world. Thanks to glacial runoff and a long filtration journey through Iceland’s volcanic underground, the water pouring into Lake Thingvellir is some of the cleanest water in the world. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Silfra Rift, the tectonic boundary between the Eurasian and North America plates. Here, divers can experience some of the finest visibility in the world as they dive in an otherworldly underwater landscape (sans aliens).

Dive with David at the best Icelandic dive shop around: Dive.IS.

If it weren’t for the frigid temperatures on top of a glacier, you could have your hair blowing in the wind as you streak across the snowmobile highways on top of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Alas, due to the danger of head injury and severe frostbite, we recommend you wear a helmet (and contract helmet-hair). But the high-octane experience of hitting the throttle and shooting a huge piece of metal over frozen snow at a rapid pace doesn’t lose an ounce of its appeal no matter how much fabric and plastic you cover your body with. It is always awesome.

Just outside of Reykjavík sits some of Iceland’s most breathtaking sights: the thundering power of Gullfoss, the geyser from which all other geysers are named (aptly titled Geysir), the calm of Lake Thingvellir, and enough dramatic landscapes to keep your head on a constant swivel. Ditch the guided tours and the 20-minutes-in-each-location requirements and instead rent a car to explore The Golden Circle on your own time (trust us, you’ll always want more time at Gullfoss).

Waterfalls are everywhere in Iceland. Small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, loud ones, trickling ones. But despite all the shapes and sizes, the highlight is still standing in awe at the base of the huge waterfalls that thunder in the south of Iceland. But why stand at the bottom of one when you can climb to the top? The best place to do that is at Skógafoss, where a whole lot of steps will take you to the edge of the waterfall’s tipping point. Or, if you aren’t a fan of heights, you can sneak behind Seljalandsfoss for a truly unique view.

Thanks to its proximity to Reykjavík and Keflavik international airport, most travelers will soak in the “official” Blue Lagoon. While it’s a beautiful lagoon and definitely worth a visit, it’s not the only geothermal spa to enjoy. The Humanity team recommends the Myvatn Nature Baths (boom, link) near Lake Myvatn in the north. While it’s a far way to travel for a short trip to Iceland, if you take the Ring Road road-trip (do it), this is as close to a required stop as you’ll find on the entire journey. Soak close to the end of day for a beautiful sunset over Lake Myvatn, but make sure to dry off and warm up before partaking in the next adventure…

While the summer is Iceland’s high season, it may be hard for visitors to see the northern lights during this time because, you know, it never gets dark. However, winter and shoulder-season travelers are nearly guaranteed to see the beautiful array of light that fills the sky with a neon green display. While many travel experiences and sights don’t live up to their reputation, the northern lights meets and exceeds all expectations, enveloping the entire sky with a green dance-routine.

For more awesome Iceland travel experiences, download Humanity for iPad and subscribe to Humanity on Youtube.